Escape Room Booking System


Escape Room Helsinki needed a new eCommerce solution for booking and purchasing games, as their old solution was not cutting it anymore. They also wanted to integrate a shift scheduling system for employees who receive the customers and handle the games. In other words, they wanted a comprehensive, integrated system to serve as the backbone of the entire business, facing both their customers and their employees.
The most obvious chokepoint of the previous site, where analytics data told us customers were falling off, was the convoluted checkout process. There was not a single view where the customer could view all available games and the "Confirm and pay" call-to-action was unclear and hidden. To make the process as short and smooth as possible was high up on the priority list for the new site.


In close collaboration with the client, we decided to build the system on Wordpress and Woocommerce. This platform is mature, battle-tested and offers a high degree of customizability and many third-party plugins for every possible need. To tie it all together, React was chosen for building the highly dynamic user interface.
The public interface focuses on the booking process including only a few informational pages. The available games are browsable immediately on the front page through a single calendar and selecting a time and the amount of players is straight-forward. We reduced Woocommerce's checkout flow to a single page where customers can review their order and fill a short form before they proceed to make their payment. It is also, unlike the previous site, optimized for mobile devices, a must in this day and age.
As the new website integrates eCommerce, a booking system and a shift scheduling system under one roof, managing the business and the employees has become easier and less chaotic for the client. The customer-facing side serves the modern consumer who uses mobile devices and values intuitive interfaces bringing more sales and happier customers.

Take a look at the service: escaperoom.fi