Finnair flies the shortest route between the east and the west. Helsinki airport, operated by Finavia, is the most convenient waypoint for travellers flying between Europe and Asia. These are undisputable facts, but unfortunately not widely known.
Looking to seize a larger share of the rapidly growing Asian market, Finnair and Finavia wanted to increase awareness of Helsinki’s unique location between the east and the west by showing that it wasn’t just a convenient hub for travellers, but an ideal meeting place for trends and ideas as well.




To bring Helsinki into the spotlight in a way that resonates with the intended target audience (aspirationals), we needed to show the world something it had never seen before. Since fashion and travel have always influenced one another, we decided to combine the two in the grandest way possible: by hosting an international fashion show on the runway of a real airport and sharing the event and the build-up to it in relevant digital channels and social media. The show, which would feature up-and-coming designers from both Europe and Asia, would bring the two continents together in Helsinki, thus driving home the message that Helsinki Airport is the premium gateway between the East and the West.

The “Match Made in HEL - The Runway” campaign ran for a total of nearly 5 months and consisted of multiple phases with varying content. Considering the limitations of the budget, it was important to take full advantage of the brands’ own channels to maximize visibility and earned media globally. Campaign materials were also seen on outdoor surfaces at airports and the show itself was a full-scale international PR event that was live-streamed globally through the campaign site and Sanoma media sites in Finland.

Each week we revealed new details about the event and in the process taught our audience to keep coming back (Facebook and Instagram as the main channels and Instagram and Twitter in a supporting role, in the Chinese market the main channels were Youku, Weibo and WeChat). We produced and distributed new content continuously: we introduced the designers, revealed the designers’ favourite places in their hometowns, showed behind-the-scenes clips from the event build etc. Altogether, we published over 500 pieces of content over the course of the nearly 5-month long campaign.
The campaign’s reach was strongly amplified through influencers in the target markets. Our campaign was noted in various global travel, lifestyle, and fashion publications online and offline. 

As each phase was being played out, we collected data about audience engagement and used the information to continuously optimize our messages for maximum engagement in each market. This strategy paid off in a very high level of engagement and the results surpassed the goals that had been set for the campaign.

The main event, the world’s first fashion show on a real airport runway, aroused considerable interest internationally and the on-site audience included hundreds of fashion influencers from around the world: magazine editors, bloggers and fashion industry experts. As a PR event, the entire campaign was a resounding success exceeding all attention value goals and earning extensive interest across the board:

- 39,4 million video views
- Over 450 Global PR hits
- Over 400 million earned media impressions with a value of over 3 M€
- Over 5 million engagements with campaign content

Finavia - Client

  • Katja SibergVice President, Marketing and Business Development
  • Mari Lappalainen Marketing Coordinator
  • Petra LaivonenCommunication Specialist
  • Markus HaapamäkiCommunications Specialist

Finnair - Client

  • Emmi TeräsHead of Marketing
  • Susanne NymanHead of Marketing
  • Meija PöntinenMarketing Consultant
  • Heidi KoivistoMarketing Manager
  • Tiina LeppänenProject Manager
  • Päivyt TallqvistDirector, Media Relations and Publications

Mirum Agency - Advertising Agency

  • Vanessa BadeAccount Manager
  • Harri LappalainenArt Director
  • Miikka SaariCreative
  • Kaari KoskelaCopywriter
  • Elina KettunenJunior Copywriter
  • Satu HeikkonenProject Manager
  • Cecilia LindströmGraphic Designer
  • Elina TuoriClient Services Director
  • Javier AmateInteraction Designer
  • Tuija TorikkaDeveloper
  • Jarno VarisChief Creative Officer
  • Paavo JärvilehtoCreative Director

Dagmar - Media Agency

  • Miila PeltonenClient Director
  • Anna SaloClient Director
  • Ulla-Maria IhalainenGlobal Client Executive
  • Joe WoodsDigital Manager
  • Viivi HolopainenStrategic Planner
  • Wilma InkinenSocial Media Planner
  • Mervi JylhäSocial Media Planner
  • Jenna JaatinenTechnical Specialist
  • Waltraud ZwislspergerTechnical Specialist

Juni Communication & Production - PR